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Beyond the Node

Building tools and services

Congrats! Now that you understand more about how KIZUNANO COIN works and setup your own node to participate on the network, the next step is building tools and services on the node. Our Integration Guides are a great starting point to help you understand how you can leverage your node to create amazing applications that utilize the unique value transfer features of KIZUNANO COIN.

Need some inspiration?

A big part of KIZUNANO COIN community is Dicsord. Run by a group of KIZUNANO COIN enthusiasts, their website helps manage requests for assistance and funding for KIZUNANO COIN related projects. Check out the in progress and past funded projects for some great ideas and opportunities to join in building on top of KIZUNANO COIN!

For even more details about the many projects that help make our ecosystem robust, head over to KIZUNANO COIN for examples of wallets, services and more that have integrated KIZUNANO COIN.

Keep learning

If you're ready to keep building with KIZUNANO COIN, head over to The Basics of our Integration Guides.